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Members' ratings and comments for Whiplash shown on 14th October 2015

Members’ rating: 84.5% A-40, B-24, C-8, D-2, E-0.  74 votes from 111 members who signed in
Members’ comments:
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‘A’s: A unique and totally riveting film – brilliant.  Brilliant film!  I was as exhausted as he was – didn’t expect it to be that engrossing.  Not the sort of film I would normally watch, uncomfortable watching in places but compelling: loved the unusual camera angles, it felt like a silent instrument.  I didn’t think I wanted to see it, but in every way it was the best I’ve seen for a long time.  I would never have thought that drumming could be the centre of such a thrilling film – very creative.  Superb, spellbinding from start to finish.  Horribly gripping, especially for musicians.  Shocking: it was shockingly good.  I can see why some disliked it, but the performance of JK Simmons was out of this world!  Excellent but disturbing.  I didn’t expect to be traumatised by a film about drumming – terrifying.  Totally absorbing, believable characters: intense.  How sometimes an enemy can ignite your determination and passion - will never look at drumming in the same way again!  What a bastard teacher – but he needed to be!!  Compelling performances and story.  Very gripping, powerful – a masterpiece but I wouldn’t want my musician son to go through that for any success.  What price perfection?  Fantastic, great film.  Just to show you don’t need a big budget for a great film.  Energising, despite the cruelty.  Stressful but excellent viewing!  Amazing film, inspiring story, great music and what an ending!  Motto of today: push them beyond their enjoyment.  Loved it – unexpected ending: great music.  Best film so far!  I felt exhausted just watching.  Gripping film excellent acting but neither character very likeable: interesting dilemma about what is acceptable to drive excellence.  You didn’t need to be a jazz fan to realize what a good film this was.  Very entertaining film – amazing soundtrack.  Great music with enough story to carry it.  Very disturbing with several plot twists: really good.  Beautifully acted and a wonderful soundtrack – orchestral scenes well shot.  Surprisingly basic story but comes good at the end - simple storytelling sometimes works!  Great acting and music – I love watching people playing instruments as I cannot – film was like going to a concert but much more tense!  Great story, great characters, great pace and a great film.  Superb performance by JK Simmons as the abusive, mocking and insulting instructor, Terence Fletcher.  Brilliant acting and directing - is that what it takes to reach perfection??

‘B’s: Very powerful film, exploring the depth of commitment to your art.  Who knew there was so much to drumming?  Excellent acting, creditable plot and exhausting!  I wonder how near real life this film demonstrates?  Excellent music, great portrayal of the 2 main characters: I loved the photography.  Always thought there was something manic – mad – about jazz – now I know.  Could have been a little shorter, but very powerful.  Good contrast with the froideur of the last two-hander ‘45 Years’ – could feel the heat and sweat from the back row.  Very good story line: very good acting: could have done without the bad language.  Well acted - good storyline – great music – in the end did good triumph over evil?  Intense, well constructed, dramatic: the way to beat a bully is to take him on.  I still didn’t like the cruelty – even for a purpose.  Harrowing.  Well done, but unpleasant.  Didn’t enjoy it as much on a second viewing, but still possessed terrific drive and a great score.

‘C’s: Too much music and not enough story. I think that one needs to like jazz in order to enjoy this film, which I don’t, but Whiplash was well made and the acting was superb. Drumming rather tedious at end of film – did not like the language of Fletcher – it was too much and unnecessary. Difficult to watch at time – the brutality of Fletcher was disturbing: Exhausted by the end of the film.  A film with a moral perhaps: loved the jazz.  Bit too much the same – why did the other drummer die in a car crash!  What a teacher shouldn’t be, but I enjoyed it!

‘D’s: Nasty.  Well observed study but with testosterone levels through the roof it was a hard watch.

‘E’s: n/a