Programme 2010-11

8 September 2010
I Am Love (15)

A visually stylish modern Italian saga of a crumbling Milanese family. Starring Tilda Swinton as a Russian bride whose privileged life begins to fall apart at the seams.

Dir. Luca Guadagnino, Italy, 120 mins (subtitles)

Member rating: 67%. Voting: A-10, B-8, C-3, D-6, E-2
Member comments:
Wonderful opening, but not sustained. An over-long and drawn out film. Well-crafted film with great attention to detail. The story meanders along until real turn of events at the climax. Good start CFS! Brilliantly understated, great music. Great film to start the season, a smooth running film with a sudden change of pace. A relentlessly predictable tragedy beautifully filmed. Brilliant acting- Tilda Swinton was great. Fabulous 'upstairs downstairs' setting but otherwise totally disappointing. Very good atmosphere, sound, music and very stylish and typically Italian, I would see it again. What a start to the season, a truly exceptional film in all respects. Absolutely enthralling, wonderful photography, totally fanatstic. A bit long but otherwise excellent. Slow start to a wonderful film. Powerful and very rich film. Surreal. Slow to start, dramatic ending. If the message was food is the new sex then the director should have noted 'Babette's Feast' and not bothered with this empty offering. Interesting film but marred by corny sex scenes. Horribly slow and pointless eventually. Demonstrates the depths of human emotions very well, guilt, power, denial and themes of family traditions, an excellent start. Most absorbing, melodramatic tendencies though not sure it delivered on dynastic and personal levels but powerful, moving and visually inventive. Fascinating family drama, very Italian. A fantastic start to the season.

Note: Several comments on lights coming up too soon before titles finished. CFS in discussion with Elgiva about this.

29 September
The Girl Cut in Two (La Fille Coupée en Deux) (15)

A sharp and darkly seductive film, which is trademark Claude Chabrol proving he hasn't lost his touch. It is a fiendishly entertaining classic ‘menage a trois' with first rate performances all round.

Dir. Claude Chabrol, France, 115 mins (subtitles)

Member rating: 67% Voting: A-6, B-13, C-8, D-5, E-0
Member comments: Mesmerising! Beautifully acted – kept me on the edge of my seat. Very French! Good start but became tedious. A film of manners but enjoyable and an almost happy ending! Interesting. Very well acted but very tragic. I think I will stick to my English husband. Brilliant French again. Thoroughly amusing and pleasant if cynical humour. S-L-O-W. Nice twist to predictability. Slow, never got going. A fitting tribute to Chabrol but slightly disappointing denoument. Slightly implausible but gripping. Good characterisation – initial feelings towards the characters changed rapidly and yet was said without actually being said. Very strange – how did the trick with the saw work? Very well acted – Paul’s mother was chilling! Really riveting. Very absorbing and well produced, covering all aspects of life from the good to bad. Rather stilted and cold. A little torrid with unsympathetic characters, I was looking forward to the end. Very wordy in parts – classic French movie. As the film went on it became increasingly difficult to care about the fate of these tedious characters. Hardly classic Chabrol. Trade mark Chabrol really – but slightly off key, odd denoument. Far exceeded my expectations – brilliantly acted. Very gripping and the best for a long time.

13 October
A Serious Man (15)

Set in suburban Jewish Minnesota 1967, a modest Mid-West professor is tormented by loved ones and his life starts to fall apart. Laugh-out-loud funny and deeply serious, ‘it's the best Coen Brothers film for a long time'.

Dir. Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, USA, (15) 105 mins.

Member rating: 70% Voting: A-7, B-15, C-10, D-2, E-0
Member comments: Very thought-provoking about life and religion. Excellent, I’ll have to go home and think about the relevance of the opening scene. Frustrating, different, very enjoyable. Vot a life! I would have liked to see more of the folk story than modern tale. Unsure of where this film was going it, kept a steady intriguing pace. Hmmm, did they hit their target? Hard to say. Good Jewish humour. Interesting 60’s setting with “early I-pad”? But I didn’t get into the mood of the humour. A bizarre but amusing look at American Jewish life. Excellent. Compelling characters in a thought-provoking irreverent & believable comedy. Did love the film. What a sad man. Funny dry, no idea what was happening but LOVED IT! Well rounded characters but not gripping. Too smaltzy. Mazaltov? What a schlemial! Not the best Coen but the sets great. Quirky, glad I saw it. A man in quiet meltdown, well done. Seriously great, the Coen Bros on form. Enjoyable but a greater knowledge of Yiddish would have been helpful. Very weird but interesting, Jewish faith and comedy made for interest. Not their best but still very good. Another Coen Bros. film of excellent standard. Very amusing and original. A reasonable knowledge of Jewish faith was almost essential, but the evening marred by audience members running commentaries, and a lot of people coming and going. Clever, darker than usual Coen farce – enjoyed uncomfortably. Can’t see relevance of the first scene. (Jewish visitors from Beaconsfield assured me it was funny but you need to be Yiddish to understand the relevance-DG). Fantastic central performance as he tried to do right by nasty family and nasty neighbours, weight of Jewish conscience hung heavy but laughter all the greater.

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27 October
Anything for Her (Pour Elle) (15)

Director Fred Cavayé's latest French thriller hurtles along with hardly a pause, combining style and substance with a sense of realism. It will keep you on the edge of your seat right through to the finale.

Dir. Fred Cavayé, France, (15) 96 mins. (subtitles)

Member rating: 90% Voting: A-20, B-11, C-1.
Member comments: Sustained tension, brilliant acting and direction, best film this season. Suspense maintained throughout the film. Terrifying but very good, surprised only rated 15. Brilliant thriller. Outstanding film. 5 year's time. Gripping - well-acted. Bloody good film!!So good didn't even notice the uncomfortable seats. Fully rounded but he only killed the morally dubious. Kept you on the edge of the seat. But there were some issues that were difficult to swallow. Few more like this please. An exciting thriller. Tense enjoyable thriller though the happy ending seemed a bit false. Far-fetched gripping very well acted. exciting but he was lucky. ran out of breath! Fantastic pace Great film (apart from calling their son honey!) Riveting and pacy. Brilliant support acting esp. father and police chief. I still have the shakes. My heart was racing as much as theirs in the end - brilliant. Intriguing (not all seen). Edge of seat stuff. Absolutely mesmerising, the irony was he actually killed a man and his wife was innocent of so doing. Sheer pace carries us along in this violent but believable thriller and we were rooting for the protagonist right through until the last frame. Very exciting- I didn't think they'd get away, but relieved they did.

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3 November
Eyes Wide Open (Einayim Petukhoth) (U)

A sensitively directed and movingly acted story of forbidden love. It conveys the joys and ambivalence of Israeli life when ultra-orthodoxy collide with complex modern realities.

Dir. Haim Tabakman, Israel, (15) 91 mins (subtitles)

Member rating: 60% Voting: A-7, B-9, C-9, D-7, E-0.
Member comments: A window into an unfamiliar and enclosed world, subtle and powerful. Such
claustrophobia from all all that rain and agonised violins, and a part of Jerusalem tourists and pilgrims don’t see. Interesting culturally, but what did big plate of meat mean? Very slow, different music would have helped. Fascinating but a little slow. Interesting study of stresses and strains of a closed society. Very sad, an impossible society to live in,very well acted but too drawn out. Best film of season so far – well acted, evocative and superbly claustrophobic, I loved it. Got bored half-way through, didn’t like ear-piercing music. Uncomfortable viewing. Good as a study piece but slow as a film. Fabulous. A nice evocation of orthodox family and community. A very serious film. Turgid and tedious. Some strong images, but overall grim. Probably the only solution possible. Very emotional, the last scene left something for the imagination.
Extremely sad, what a horrible society to live in. Slow, it could have been so good. Heightened study of love outside marriage; strict Jewish context, dramatised complex issue. What a very sad tale in depressing surroundings. And restrictive traditions. After dizzy heights of last film the CFS has come over all selfindulgent again. Very believable performances capture a stultifying repressive society in which the two men lived in this impossible situation, worthy but not enjoyable.

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17 November
Me and Orson Welles (12a)

Richard Linklater's film is a portrait of a 1930's theatrical troupe which includes the young Orson Welles as one of its actors. It has a warm lived-in feel, but there is a hardbitten realism behind the sweetness.

Dir. Richard Linklater, USA, (12a) 114 mins.

Member rating: 80% Voting: A-16, B-8, C-6, D-1, E-1.
Member comments: Brilliant. Wonderful all of it. To quote Miss Adler “Why does a story need a plot”, beautifully filmed but not to my taste. Terrific acting, kept one interested throughout. Setting too chocolate box and wooden acting – the only entrancing bits were the actual Shakespearian parts of Caesar. Whatever caused 21 minutes of adverts? I can go to Wycombe if I want to be bombarded (there were very many complaints of this nature – more about the reason for this next film: D.W.G.): Excellent. Took time to get going, but then very good:entertaining. Well acted but dragged a bit. A truly excellent film – acting, directing, and street scenes.Lovely, captured the air of nerves and magic in live theatre. Backing music all very 1937. Hugely entertaining! Storming performance by Christian Mackay and lovely contemporary music. Brilliant roller-coaster of a story great music, pure enjoyment. Great film beautifully crafted. Good fun. Very good film, well acted and interesting characters. Highly enjoyable and wonderfully evocative of the time: Good all round. Slow to start but greatly enjoyable. like a film with a beginning middle and end, very enjoyable - more please, Magniificant – pacey and superbly acted. Wonderful all of it. Was Orson a genius, an egotist or both? Fantastic performance by Christian Mackay. Charming story – very well acted – best film for ages: Really good film and well paced. Lighthearted and enjoyable central performances. Lovely – thankyou. Brilliant acting very engaging. I managed to sleep through what appeared to be a very very dull film.

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5 January 2011
The Concert (Le Concert) (12a)

The former conductor of the Bolshoi Orchestra, demoted to cleaner by the communist regime for employing Jewish musicians, 30 years later gathers his ex-musicians in Paris to finish the concert. ‘A beautifully sad and funny film.'

Dir. Radu Mihaileanu, France/Romania/Italy/Russia/Belgium, (12a) 119 mins (subtitles)

Member rating: 97% Voting: A-36, B-5, C-1, D-0, E-0
Member comments: Unbelievable but fantastic. A big "wow" - beautiful. Magical; best film; tears all through the concert. Tremendous "feel good" film touching all the emotions - that music sending shivers down the spine! Lovely. Belief needed to be suspended; an unrehearsed orchestra after 30 years; really very enjoyable. Brilliant - it had it all, laughter, tears and beautiful music. The true star of the film was Tchaikovsky's magnificent violin concerto, bringing together a delightful chaos of madcap storylines. Charming and original; thoroughly enjoyed it; one criticism only - picture was out of focus at times, particularly on distance shots. Lovely. Absolutely wonderful - funny, touching. Beautiful uplifting film. Quite brilliant - can one say more than that? The technique of uneven snippets - walking along the side of the motorway , dancing round a campfire, Mafia style massacre at a wedding, - led to a whirling brain but ultimately a worthwhile film despite huge dollops of sentimentalism. Wonderful. A hugely enjoyable film. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Excellent. Great fun - and great winter escapism; just don't assume it's based on reality. Brilliant, wonderful music, great film. Bravo! this is exactly why we come to Film Club! Humour, pathos and a stand up and cheer finale - a cracker of a film! Just brilliant! First rate but unhappy re anti-Soviet and -Zionist overtones - a bit disturbing; music was great. Wonderfully moving - best film so far!! How to turn a skit on everything Russian into a triumph! An absolutely wonderful feel good film - with some good music thrown in! Beautifully nuanced - exquisite performances, cameos and comedy worn lightly, thank you. The power of Tchaikovsky - superb. An excellent evening; entertainment in every respect. Indulgent, fun and wonderful; over the top but who cares? True joy - the sun does sometimes rise in the evening! Wonderful ending after muddled start; more please. More like this please. Fantastic - wonderful story, brilliant acting - superb music

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26 January
Certified Copy (Copie Conforme) (12a)

A gallery owner in Tuscany (Juliet Binoche) attracts the attention of an English author at his book-signing and they spend the day together - but do they already know each other? A sardonic and playful reflection on marriage.

Dir. Abbas Kiarostami, France/Italy/Iran, 12a) 106 mins (subtitles)

Member rating: 39% Voting: A-1, B-4, C-4, D-9, E-9
Member comments: Tried hard to find some good in this self-indulgent talkfest. Did she come from the same city as Sylvia?[In the City of Sylvia scored 40% in 2009/10] What an irritating film! Slow and leading nowhere; the two main protagonists lack charisma and I really couldn't care less what happened to them. Strange juxtapositions. Men are from Mars - women from Venus. Amusing, different but it didn't work for me. Too long and rather slow and boring - didn't enjoy it much. "Talking Heads" - couldn't wait for it to finish. Too much like hard work for a Wednesday evening! At least it gave me the chance to practice all my three languages. Liked Juliette Binoche but film rather slow. Sorry - I really didn't get the point of it! Slow and self-indulgent - another poor choice again CFS, Sorry! Light on in projectionist's booth was irritating and very unprofessional - please sort it out!!! Was awaiting the entrance of a sniper for the first half of the film - first for them but by the end of the film I was hoping it was for me - turgid! A simple story - beautifully told; but, it was a copy. Not my cup of tea but well acted and filmed nevertheless. No narrative, confusing, bitty, too much talking. 1st film I've given an "E" to:- the person next to me fell asleep and others around me fell asleep, I think that says it all; another poor choice from the film club committee; needs to improve for me to join again next year. Improved a little at the end, but very slow. Certifiable more like - dreadful. Pretentious, badly shot - badly scripted - has Binoche thrown her whole career away? Very well produced and acted; still wondering was it a copy or true. Bewildered. Very slow, pointless.

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16 February
Welcome to the Sticks (Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis) (12a)

A small town postmaster's plan to transfer to the Cote d'Azur misfires when he is moved to a village in the Pas de Calais where he struggles to come to terms with the local yokels and their strange dialect. A heartwarming comedy that broke box office records in France

Dir. Dany Boon, France, (12a) 106 mins (subtitles)

Member rating: 84% Voting: A-19, B-19, C-4, D-0, E-0
Member comments: Great fun - we laughed until we cried! Touching, hilarious portrayal of the myth of a regional stereotype. Very funny indeed! Full of Gallic warmth and wit; totally enjoyable; well done the Committee; Dany was great and the girls were lovely. Fantashtik! Just what I needed after a bad day. What a lovely film! An amusing film. The translation made it a very funny film; was laughing along with it. Very sweet. Excellent subtitling, hilarious film. Loved it - real belly laughs, thank you! A real feel good film with a good plot. Lovely and well adapted. Good fun in French!? Very funny and very, very worth watching. Shuperbe! Really funny feel good film; very well acted. A little predictable but well done and very funny. Film was excellent like a modern version of an Ealing comedy and I loved the Ealing comedies! A better class of farce - enjoyed it. Entertaining - and an examination of stereotyping. A joy to experience - thank you. Very good - let's see it again tomorrow!! A delightful, funny film - everyone went home laughing! Well done CFS! A charming, funny film that actually had a story worth following; great translation on the subtitles; excellent substitute film - more please! So silly, but so very funny. A great surprise, very entertaining, very amusing - enjoyed all the characters and the unexpected theme. A brilliant feel good film - and we got to see how a carillon works! Best since the Ealing comedies. Boring. Very enjoyable - may we see another film from the reserve selection. The humour wasn't subtle but I enjoyed it very much; certainly a one off. Silly and fun; suited a dull winter's night. Amusing. Very enjoyable.


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2 March
Still Walking (Ariutemo Ariutemo) (U)

Acclaimed director Kore-eda weaves together with great subtlety an intricate and nuanced family drama. Told with a measured pace it gently captures the tensions, silly misunderstandings, love and regret present in all families.

Dir. Hirokazu Kore-eda, Japan, (U) 114mins (subtitles)

Member rating: 62% Voting: A-4, B-10, C-9, D-5, E-0
Member comments: A touching, beautifully-observed film of family life. Can't decide - too distant culturally (e.g. view of the dead) but dialogue re. butterfly very good. Film out of focus again but enjoyed it. Not really action-packed but rather sweet. A lovely insightful film, good choice. Not bad in parts but a little slow. My immediate thought was that it was a bit slow but beautifully observed until the end when everything was put into perspective - don't make excuses and put things off. Interesting domestic scene in Nippon. Amazing one decided to produce such a film. Loved the music. Charming but realistic portrait of family relationships, with underlying pathos. Interesting characterisation. Slow-paced, but lovely once you slow down to meet it. Just goes to prove that dysfunctional families are the same the world over - nice film but a bit slow. A lovely ending but dragged throughout the film. Became absorbing but thought-provoking. Such a different life but so similar. Touching. Sensitively observed and the slow pace was sedately in tune with its mood. A most pleasant evening. Nice easy-watching film beautifully made. A slow burner but ultimately lovely. A sad and very real portrait of a family. Interesting observations on Japanese life but it never went anywhere - disappointing. A gentle film with beautifully portrayed characters.

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16 March
Another Year (15)

Mike Leigh at his confident best. A deeply compassionate film that explores a year in the life of a contented professional couple and their relationships with their family and friends. Age, happiness and time-passing are its themes. Jim Broadbent, Ruth Sheen and Lesley Manville star.

Dir. Mike Leigh, UK, (15), 129 mins.

Member rating: 78% Voting: A-12, B-12, C-2, D-3, E-0
Member comments: Fantastic filming - great acting - great film. Fantastic; beautifully shot with so many shots as stunning photographic portraits; great character studies without being over-emotional. Lesley Manville was excellent as Mary but such a sad character - not an uplifting film. Beautifully acted. What a fantastic film! sensitively directed with brilliant acting. Increasingly resonant as it went on, surprisingly melancholy. Mike Leigh at his best. Somewhat depressing for those of us of ripe years; extremely well acted. Such sad lives - and wonderful relationships; great film - excellent acting. Superb observation; Lesley Manville was excellent. Delightfully awkward as only Mike Leigh knows how. Very slow and repetitive. I couldn't have gone on for more than one year like that! I tried my hardest to like it but I'm afraid I found it slow and depressing; another one wide of the mark I'm afraid CFS. Another very good film - some cracking moments. Wonderful, very poignant. Lesley Manville very good; not sure that I would want to see it again - rather depressing. Long and drawn out, more sad parts than happy scenes; loved it when they were laughing. A bit slow-moving at first but in due course very poignant; brilliantly acted, outstanding performance by Lesley Manville. A slice of life - another year - not unlike the years before. Wonderful characters, superb acting, brilliant direction. An interesting study in human relationships. Mary was a very sad, lonely person. Another excellent Mike Leigh film with very good acting by all and with a superb performance from Lesley Manville.

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30 March
Father of My Children (Le Père de mes Enfants) (12a)

The film is about coping, its focus practical and unsentimental. It is a portrait of a charismatic workaholic film producer whose company is deeply in debt...'stunning and heartbreaking, not to be missed'.

Dir. Mia Hansen-Løve, France/Germany, (12a) 110 mins (subtitles)

Member rating: 62% Voting: A-5, B-7, C-14, D-3.
Member Comments: Totally moving and beautiful shots of Paris. I suppose the film was good in itself but I hated the subject matter - family and wife are more important than money, all he had to do was go bankrupt and keep his family. The acting by all the family was truly convincing but the plot petered out after the father died. A rather complex film - but not without its moments. Rather depressing but interesting study of the family. Sensitively portrayed and well acted especially the daughters - but too long and protracted. A promising director - good observation but some awkward cutting. Wonderful, sensitive but not sentimental, acutely observed entirely plausible. Very enjoyable. Did not really engage my sympathy. 1st class classic film, acting excellent. Bit muddled and blurry. Well-acted and well-made but somehow curiously lacking emotion. It was clear what was coming but I couldn't have cared less. Pretty little girls sad about dad, Que sera sera. Brilliant film for a first-time director. What was the point of the power cut? Paris/music/feeling for the dissolving company all enjoyable. A sad film - children well portrayed. Scenery & Paris beautifully filmed. All the more powerful for avoiding sentimentality. Superb acting with brilliant study of bereavement. Sensitively portrayed, very sad tale.
Good story but too drawn out. Cinema too hot! Left before half way - sorry. A film that started by pleasantly meandering but moved into tedium; thought the two little girls were delightful though. Good in parts but I found it muddled me. Nothing new but well acted. The overall tone was the all too familiar, self-indugent. navel-gazing - an easy trap for artistic film directors to fall into. An engrossing snapshot of family life, warm, affectionate and so well acted, the children were delightful. If this is the average life of a producer, it's a wonder any films are finished for CFS to show.

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6 April
What Just Happened (15)

This is a sharp comedy about a nail-biting back-stabbing fortnight in the world of a Hollywood director besieged by everyone who demand his attention for all sorts of selfish reasons. Starring Robert de Niro and Sean Penn.

Dir. Barry Levinson, USA, (15) 110 mins.

Member rating: 36% Voting: A-0, B-2, C-11, D-13, E-6 (+2 "worse than E")
Member comments: Redeemed because Hollywood able to poke fun at itself and the system. Good fun to have the exaggerated cameo performances - but why the juddering effect on California traffic? Mildly amusing but too long. Nothing special. Rating of this film a toss up between D and E. As unattractive as I always thought Hollywood would be. One wonders how big a grain of truth there was. Fast-paced, witty and completely cynical - excellent! A fast-moving film with funny bits! Totally vacuous. Truly awful. A much more enjoyable look at the film industry than last week! CFS films should be a memorable event to be talked about in a year, 5 years or even 10 years time; sadly, this will be forgotten in a week's time. What just happened? Without De Niro a trifle predictable but he, Bruce Willis and the director [Michael Wincott] were superb. Too much graphic violence and foul language for my taste but some rather impressively acted tantrums. Boring - but too noisy to go to sleep! A lot of talking - no wonderful music, no marvellous scenery - disappointing. Quite interesting. Good acting - interesting follow on from last week's film - to quote the film "I liked the music". It started badly and got worse. No pleasure or enjoyment of this film at all. Too loud and too many F-men; worst film I've ever seen [rated "worse than E"]. Rubbish [rated "Z"]. Rather a pointless film; too much poor handheld camerawork and poor diction; too long for the subject matter. De Niro good but film not! Boring; slightly amusing; De Niro good - different part for him. Focussed too much on job and not enough on family. A waste of talented actors. Pure Hollywood - self-serving, predictable, slow and indulgent. Fair depiction of frenetic Hollywood lifestyle and pressures.

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27 April
The White Ribbon (Das weisse Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte) (15)

Michael Haneke's Palme d'Or winner is a precise mesmerising work surveying the life of a protestant German village over the months in 1913 when a series of disquieting events occur which upsets all the villagers.

Dir. Michael Haneke, Germany/Austria (15) 144 mins (subtitles)

Member rating: 76% Voting: A-9, B-15, C-2, D-1, E-2
Member comments: An excellent portrayal of a disappearing life; almost no likeable males. Despite the grimness a very powerful film about human nature within a closed community - black and white filming worked for this. A long tale of rural life dominated by hierarchy, very well done. I found the film very disturbing. Excellent - I was completely absorbed: the shortest 2 1/2 hour film I've ever seen. A gripping tale - very well acted; frightening what strict adherence to religion can produce. Very intriguing but a lot of loose ends! Black and white filming made it atmospheric and gave a sense of being in the past; typical repressive village society - disturbing but interesting. Bleak and brooding - a case of brutality engendering brutality. It had many interesting features which evoked the atmosphere; one felt involved, especially as many of our generation remembered our formal education; the different moods were intriguing and acting superb; sometimes the story/plots dragged a little. Brilliant - makes up tenfold for the last film. A strange and mysterious story, we are left to our own conclusion. Enough sadism and misery going on without having such a brutal film for entertainment. Beautifully acted and shot perfectly in black and white - who needs "Glorious Technicolor"? Hardly enjoyable but nevertheless a very fine film. Long, but it kept me hanging in there; strangely compelling. Sinister but a special film. Excellent. A lot of story with no answers; never to have been a boy in those days of cruelty. Very intriguing. What a disappointing ending - who did it? An every day story of country folk! a well made film and very typical of isolated rural societies of the time; interesting treatment of the subject. Not an easy film but the power of it all! - technically brilliant, amazing photography and direction. The black and white film gave an authentic feel to the spooky story. What a magnetic portrayal of a horrible situation.

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4 May

Annual General Meeting at 7pm (all members welcome)

followed at 8pm by:

Tamara Drewe (15)

Stephen Frears brings his droll and witty touch of real life to the Posy Simmonds comic strip of sexy rural shenanigans. It's a mad and undoubtedly entertaining bucolic romp.

Dir. Stephen Frears, UK, (15) 109mins.

Member rating: 64% A-2, B-17, C-5, D-4, E-1
Member comments: Quite amusing but would not want to see it again - a bit lame in parts. Light, frothy, fun and tongue in cheek - lovely. Very light-hearted and jolly; good one to end the season. A bit like a cappuccino coffee, looks good but tasteless and frothy - Mike Leigh Light?! Watchable - easy going. Manic all the way through but great fun. A right rural romp; rather too long for the predictable story line. Brilliant - great story well told. Best film of the season - love to have a laugh. Good film to end with, light-hearted and fun! more films of this type, less of the "bleak" ones next season please. Pleasantly inconsequential with some funny moments. Light-hearted and good fun but with some serious undertones. Nice end to the season CFS!! more next year please. Without the awful language it might have been quite good. Great fun. What fun! a good end to the season. Some good lines but spoiled with the overuse of swearing. Oh what a jolly (and not so jolly) romp in the country! Very enjoyable and fun. Very good - nice one to end the season! You have to admire British films. Good fun and a dead dog as a bonus! Very funny - a good ending to the year's films. The two schoolgirls were priceless - lovely end to the season.

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