Northern Soul comments

Members' ratings and comments for Northern Soul shown on 4th November 2015

Members’ rating: 54.3% A-12, B-17, C-18, D-22, E-6.  75 votes from 117 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
[We have again sequenced the comments by the rating given]

‘A’s: Superb film, wonderful story if slightly bleak, excellent uplifting music and dancing!  Fantastic – nothing else to say.  Brilliant!  Reminded me of the Trade Club in Watford in the 60’s.  Great soundtrack: very evocative, it felt like it was actually filmed in the 70’s.  Second time I have seen it – even better than before.  Fantastic atmosphere, very real, of early 70’s in North of England.  A great portrayal of lower class youth and a damn good soundtrack to boot!  Great – very authentic – loved the music.  Wonderful film!  Interesting subject and brilliant cinematography: loved all the characters and the music.  Thanks for putting on another great film.  Couldn’t understand half of the dialogue: it was too dark: but what a brilliant, fantastic film.  Excellent production – wish all the dialogue had been as clear as the “F” word – I missed that aspect of the 60’s!  Loved the energy and the music – on the edge of my seat at times!  A real slice of life – the film society is back on form.
‘B’s:  Wow! I’m moving to Wigan!  Enjoyed the film, very much a “coming of age” story.  Enjoyable music, realistic, I liked it.  Does what it says on the tin!  Great music, good story line.  Please keep the intro short, let us make up our own minds.  Good music and movement.  Some of the dialogue was unintelligible.  A great low budget film with plenty of beat.  I love the 70’s, so to me it felt a very good choice of film indeed.  Déjà vu on the clothes – I had a pair of black baggies – great music.  Good fun, very authentic, loved the music.  Evocative of time and place.  Told the tale well – stylish period piece, well mixed and photographed.  Really liked the style of the photography – felt like you were in the room!  Another good music film with a strong dose of nostalgia – none the worse for that.  Gritty and real – enjoyed every minute of the film.
‘C’s: Pity about the language!  Liked the clothes and music but lost the plot!  Impressionistic – drug subplot interfered with the story though.  Enjoyable and it took me right back – loved Andy’s intro – keep up the good work!  It was interesting but I couldn’t understand what they were saying.  Truly authentic and good to see people discover a passion – but no new insights into British working class culture?  Enjoyed the dance scenes – didn’t know much about the scene beforehand.  Excellent intro from Andy: loved all the research and detail he gave us.  Incomprehensible and didn’t engage me.  As incoherent as the plot – good, but…  I thought maybe it was not historically accurate at times.  Much sustained commitment, but such a disturbing picture of young lives – often hard to make out the words.  Music great but the film was a one-note samba: no light, no shade, just relentlessly in your face.  I enjoyed it for the first half hour, very authentic, and then it all got a bit disjointed – more could have been made of family relationships, death of the grandad etc and a bit less of the drug culture which was presumably a small part of the scene (?) and too many unnecessary “F” words got in the way of the dialogue: I might well buy the soundtrack though.  I was looking forward to a remarkable film: unfortunately it came nowhere near expectations: the music and the dancing were great but too many crowd scenes and too little focus on individual skills: the dialogue was difficult to hear and often incomprehensible: the continuous use of foul language was unnecessarily overdone and far too much focus on drugs, macho behavior and stupid violence: the result was  the" plot "of the film was completely lost, boring and basically irrelevant: a great disappointment for such a fantastic subject: I hope it may be reissued.
‘D’s: Great music, but poor sound quality.  What a pointless film, please please shorten the introductions – 2 minutes will do!!  Awful sound, foul language and not a scene I would want to be part of: I wish her well but not this film.  Music good, not much storyline.  Disappointing – didn’t live up to my expectations.  Found it difficult to understand the dialogue – there was too much noise and camera movement.  Unlikeable characters, crude language, too long – redeemed by music – just!  OK – but hardly The Commitments was it?  Rough and ready film with characters it was hard to care about, partially redeemed by a great sound track.  Music good: I didn’t really enjoy the storyline: some strong characterization.  Could not hear much dialogue – a bit monotonous.  Disappointing – I was very interested in the subject and the music but it lacked a decent storyline and script.  Dialogue very muddy – too many repetitive dance scenes and not much plot.  Music good but did not enjoy rest of film.  Music nostalgic: plotline weak and predictable: dialogue and sound incomprehensible: camerawork and continuity sadly amateurish –despite the build-up a not very impressive first effort.  15 mins is too long to introduce a film!  Music good, film boring.  The introduction was better than the movie.
‘E’s: Said all it had to say in the first half hour – after that it was a bit samey.  What I’d pay money not to see – and please ask the Treasurer to be more sparing with our time – 5 mins max!  Very poor dark screens and no theme actually.  Absolute rubbish: very poor.  Incomprehensible rubbish: boring: the credits saved the evening.  Pretty awful!  Once again – overuse of the “F” word.  Could we please have the ‘lecture’ at the end so that we can have the choice whether we listen or not?