Articles published in our 2015-16 newsletters

Chiltern Film Society's newsletters include articles which are collected here for long term reference.

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A number of different types of article have been published, grouped as follows:

A View From the Stalls

Michael Rowan, a member of Chitern Film Society's committee, provides personal musings about his cinema experiences.

A Life In Film

A life spent watching cinema is a life misspent, or is it?

We delve into the minds of our committee members, but is it a case of a classic production, or straight to DVD?

We put 10 questions to each of our committee members, none of them original (the questions not the committee member). However we would also like to know more about you, so if you fancy taking part send the results to committee member Michael and who knows, next time it could be your name up in lights.

Other articles

A catch all grouping for other types of article.