A Most Wanted Man comments

Members' ratings and comments for A Most Wanted Man shown on 9th September 2015

Members’ rating: 80.1% A-33, B-20, C-11, D-3, E-1.  68 votes from 102 members who signed in
Members’ comments:
Very dramatic.  Superb film, acting, script and scenery; thanks for selecting it.  I was a little confused with what was going on; I shall read up on it when I get home!  Excellent acting, believable characters in a surreal environment.  A gripping Le Carré story – brilliant acting and direction; a great film to start the season.  Excellent start to the season – acting, direction and very clever photography!  I had high expectations with the master John Le Carré, I was not disappointed; superb film, loved the slow pace and build up of tension.  Utterly confusing, I found it turgid.  A beginning, a middle and an end – most satisfactory and great photography.  Anton Corbijn’s direction was marvellous and it was an excellent adaptation of the novel;  Philip Seymour Hoffman [hereafter PSH] was very good but not the easiest of accents to follow.  Mesmerising performances and film.  Excellent acting and photography; gripping and sad to think that parts were based on true events.  Just the sort of film I would never choose to watch – B until the final frames then A++.  Great start to the season, gripping to the end – never trust the Yanks!  Superb control of mood and pace.  Too over-complicated and drawn out for my simple mind.  Superb performance by PSH and strong cast throughout; where does Günther go next?  Very credible; right pace; didn’t look like they were acting; A of its type.  I could not follow the plot – too complicated.  Great story! fantastic ending scene.  Slow subtlety but gripping.  A great start to the season – good plot, well acted and beautifully shot.  By the end I didn’t know who was on which side.  Very gripping – Hoffman at his best.  Betrayal and heroic failure make for good cinema here.  Very Le Carré – the US can’t be trusted!  Very photographic; good suspense – very similar to Le Carré books.  Exciting – good not to have the usual “happy” ending!  Very powerful.  Very slow, but great acting; how many cigarettes can one man smoke?!  Absorbing if complicated story; very John Le Carré; interesting and sympathetic characters.  Brilliant Le Carré story full of tension beautifully delivered by actors, director and photography.  Taut and tense; beautifully shot; tad too long, as though enjoying its own cleverness.  Acting and photography was excellent; tension maintained throughout film; ending unexpected!  Typical spy story; complex story line but brilliantly acted; great start to the new season.  Brilliant film – great plot, beautifully acted; what a shame PSH has left us.  Absolutely riveting and just why we shouldn’t trust the Americans.  Tight thriller, enjoyed it very much.  Complex, intricate and quite believable but very slow moving.  Superbly acted; intrigue and tension maintained throughout the film.  Plot a bit confusing; compelling though.  Understated yet absorbing.  PSH mesmerising as always; conveying much by subtle acting; tense until the very end scene; insightful study in post 9/11anti-terrorist security.  Great, taut thriller; PSH was excellent; loved the twist at the end; great photography and atmosphere; 15 more like that please!  Riveting; more like this please.  Slow moving but suspenseful; good to see PSH again.  Typical John Le Carré story; well directed, good photography; a very up to the time story – David Cameron should see it.  Plot too complicated, film 30 minutes to long; acting great – thanks.  Barracudas need to recognise sharks!