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Members' ratings and comments for Leviathan shown on 23rd September 2015

Members’ rating: 77.1% A-21, B-27, C-6, D-3, E-2.  59 votes from 102 members who signed in
Members’ comments:
Well done committee back on form with an enjoyably grim little tale full of imagery and resonance with life – which is tough and then you die! Well, that cheered me up no end! The uncertainty is over, now it’s official – there’s no hope. Beautifully filmed, wonderfully acted: completely tragic: I was convinced the property tycoon would get his comeuppance – but I was wrong! A very dark film, very Russian, very honest: brilliant. Great scenery, thoroughly enjoyable, enjoyed the red herrings. Totally convincing portrait of modern Russian reality and how justice can be denied using the law. Gripping, stunning script, performances and cinematography: a superb film – faultless. Grim. Some beautifully shot scenes – worth waiting for the snow scenes at the end: too long. This film will stay with me – another excellent film. Neither the long religious diatribe near the end or lingering finale added anything. Very realistic – well acted – has put me completely off vodka! I can see why the authorities didn’t like it! Impressive but very gloomy – a Russian “Local Hero”. Bleak! Very atmospheric. Made a memorable impression but I shall have to read Job again. I found the characters hard to like – sombre. Very slow, very dramatic: Putin’s mafia reaches everywhere! The film felt real, sad – we are so fortunate. Magnificent, searing, truthful, wonderful, scary: but needed editing. I found it rather tedious and disjointed – why do the films always have such bad language – very off-putting and unnecessary. Interesting insight into that part of Russia and how Russian society works – 30 minutes too long. A bit depressing (3 other members agreed) and too much vodka! The photography was excellent – so too the acting. Needed editing – could have done with less imbibing and smoking: men! Wonderful location (no wonder the authorities didn’t like it), good photography but made little sense at the end. Not the ending I expected – excellent acting and beautiful cinematography: a bit bleak but very good (cinema was uncomfortably hot!). Too many slow shots of nothing – it did not deliver in my view “an outstanding tale” a la Mark Kermode – perhaps if I were Russian and religious it would have impacted more – woolly plot. This film made its point very forcefully but it was too long by half. Good soundtrack – no music for a change – needed an edit though. Gloomy but brilliant: moving and sad. Very atmospheric, beautifully filmed but bleak story line. Stereotypical life (death) in Siberia. I’m glad I don’t live in Russia – mayors shouldn’t be that powerful – very well done, though: I think I’ll go home and drink a bottle of vodka! An excellent, if dark, film – very thought-provoking that these things still go on. Superb photography and very good acting – a very good choice! Acting, photography excellent: really powerful film. An amazing film on so many levels and what fantastic photography. SUPERB: an emotional roller-coaster: thought-provoking – no happy ending? A very engaging film, surprisingly warm and humorous against the stark and dark backdrop. Having left it a day to comment, this film gets better with memory, an intriguing plot, all horrible characters - except the boy, but did he do it? I can understand the perhaps necessary greyness of the cinematography to reflect the subject but it was all very grey. Convoluted plot, great acting, very entertaining and held my interest throughout. I just about managed to keep my eyes open for the whole ordeal. Heavyweight exploration of murky morality, shot through with mordant wit: loved the image of the whale skeleton. Brilliant cinematography – power and control whether as part of the state or church is a dangerous and potent mix: alcohol-fuelled violence is an extension of the power and control. Lives as dark as the Russian daylight! Well-produced, too long and full of misery! Even the ugliness seemed beautiful and time passed very quickly – so little had to be said to convey so much. This film had everything including prodigious vodka consumption – when it ended I was depressed to find myself back in Chesham.