Knocked for Six comments

Members' ratings and comments for Knocked for Six shown on 30th March 2016


Members’ rating: 70.2% A-15, B-31, C-16, D-4, E-2.  68 votes from 106 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
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'A’s: Loveable nonsense!!  A good ‘true’ story – silly and great fun – and the most cricket I have ever watched.  More cricket-based comedies please.  Terrific fun: really captured the spirit of India.  At last – how refreshing, a proper film: good storyline and excellent acting.  Very funny – enjoyed it all apart from silly ending.  Loved it – helps that I’m a cricket nut though!  I am not a cricketer but this was a very good film and showed the two different cultures: lovely pictures of India!  Best film yet: well done!!  Really enjoyed this one – just a feel good film!  Best film since I’ve been a member.  Best film this season.  Loved it: very funny, good characters and the Indian backdrop was stunning.  Good fun!

‘B’s:  Gentle, predictable and fun.  What a varied season.  A film of contrasts – culture  and colour – common language of cricket struck a chord: very entertaining.  Good fun – cheered me up: made me want to go back to India again.  Very enjoyable – a fun happy film at last!  A genuine “feel good” film: hugely enjoyable.  What a fun and uplifting film!  Jolly, jolly, very jolly: beautiful music: thank you.  Really good fun.  Light hearted fun film with a half decent ending.  Very funny and fast moving: cultural differences were well depicted: having lived abroad (Canada for 8 years) I can appreciate these subtleties.  Bowled me over!  I knew nothing about cricket, never watched it, but this film was delightful: something I’d never see if I wasn’t coming here, thank you.  Great commentary on growing up and growing older: funny too, if slightly predictable.  Couldn’t always understand what they were saying at the beginning but otherwise fun.  Sweet story: entertaining, fun and colourful.  Easy watch, light hearted, good fun film! quite unusual for CFS!  An unusual choice for the CFS programme but a welcome one – good knock about fun.  Could do with subtitles: very enjoyable.  Nicely predictable, I really enjoyed it.  Great fun.  Good photography and scenery: fun and enjoyable.  Very enjoyable but not quite as good as expected: loved India as backdrop and Bollywood routine.  Entertaining / good fun.  A feel good movie – great fun! An enjoyable road film which although the plot was occasionally clumsy was very funny in places: only marred slightly by the poor quality DVD encode - the interlacing was particularly distracting, but maybe that's just a bugbear of mine.  Although the ending seemed bizarre I assume it was meant to show that Aussie and Indian cultures finally understood each other.

‘C’s: Predictable but good fun.  Slight but fun even for non-cricketers.  Enjoyable light bit of fun.  Lots of fun!  Certainly much better than the last film – some very funny moments.  Fun and entertaining, but plot a little too predictable: ticked all the boxes.  Good fun: worth watching.  A pleasant film somewhere between Bend It Like Beckham and Strictly Ballroom : nothing special.  Enjoyable caper.  Nice to see something not too taxing!  Jolly – I left smiling! Slow but good, light hearted.

‘D’s: Pleased it raised a laugh for some at least: fine for cricket enthusiasts maybe: it could not end soon enough.  Very difficult to make a truly amazing film about cricket: even more difficult for Australians to appeal to English audiences.  Nice scenery.  Predictable and clichéd, but enjoyable – gains a point for being about cricket!

‘E’s: Truly disappointing, terrible film: lacks any depth.  Australians know how to laugh at one selves – OK for a sport I know nothing about but how did this get to be shown here? – wish I understood their English better: didn't click with me: men growing up?  superficial, poor, simple, lightly entertaining: no message but general stupidity: ending a bad fiasco.