Film Ratings and Comments 2015-16

This page provides links on the right to the ratings and comments received to date for the films shown in our 2015-16 season.

Links are also provided for each film against its entry within the main Programme 2015-16 page on this site.


Members' ratings for films

At the end of each film our members are asked to provide a rating for the film they have just seen in the range A to E with:

  • A for Excellent
  • B for Very Good
  • C for Good
  • D for Fair
  • E for Poor.

These ratings are used to calculate an overall Members' Rating for the film with A as 100%, B as 75%, C as 50%, D and E as 25%.  To calculate this the numbers of votes for each rating are multiplied by the % for that rating and the total divided by the number of votes to give an averaged overall rating for the film.

This rating mechanism has been used consistently over many years and so it is possible to compare ratings for films over a number of seasons as shown in the tables published elsewhere in this site - see the current worksheets at this link .  The second sheet shows the %voting and % of membership coming to each film, a new analysis for 2015-16.

Members' comments

In addition to the rating, members are encouraged to provide a comment on the film they have just seen.  All comments are published in full on this site (subject to possible editing only for reasons of propriety or legality) and reproduced in the programme notes for the following film.

We endeavour to publish the comments in full and unedited in the programme notes, but for reasons of space it is sometimes necessary to edit the comments in the programme notes to fit into the available space.

Submission of ratings and comments

Where it has not been possible for members to submit their rating and comment on the form issued to them at the start of the film, we accept ratings and comments submitted by email to by the end of the Saturday immediately following the film.  This enables us to finalise the ratings and comments in a timely way while providing some flexibility to members.