About us

Chiltern Film Society: independent cinema in Chesham, based at The Elgiva Theatre

Looking for more independent films in the Chesham area? We aim to bring the best of international films to a local audience at our independent cinema/theatre, giving people the opportunity to see more independent English-speaking films and also foreign language films.

Chiltern Film Society is currently run by a committee of 12 volunteers and was founded in 1969. Although independently run, we work closely with the management and staff of the Elgiva. We choose our programme of films which are then booked and shown by the Elgiva as part of their public screenings, with guaranteed admission for Chiltern Film Society members.

Non-members may also attend Chiltern Film Society films at the full price, depending on availability. For non-member ticket queries please contact The Elgiva.

Please note: The Chiltern Film Society does not have its own facilities for showing films, please contact The Elgiva regarding queries for collaborative projects, or suggestions outside of our programme of films; or for any comments or queries regarding the facilities at the Elgiva.

Please note: While we are supportive and appreciative of the role of independent cinema and filmmaking, we are an organisation run by a team of volunteers, and any financial resources are ploughed back into the running of the Society. We are not in a position to contribute to the crowdfunding of independent film projects.

49th Season

Our 49th Season, running 6 September 2017 – 9 May 2018, offers a wide-ranging programme of 15 films.


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