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Members' ratings and comments for The German Doctor shown on 13th April 2016


Members’ rating: 85.5% A-34, B-23, C-7, D-0, E-0.  64 votes from 112 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
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‘C’s: Very good and very dark.  Unsettling sense of nightmare hiding beneath ordinary life, though teetered towards melodrama in the second half.  I really got into it: good that he could have been the man next door as the man next door to you may be a burglar.

‘B’s:  A necessary film.  Harrowing and enlightening story gripping to the end: beautiful scenery.  Gripping drama: dark story, fascinating.  Wonderful tone of menace.  Good film, controversial but thrilling.  Chilling. Loved it – what a fascinating film: brooding photography, haunting score, eerie and effective: parallel symbolism with dolls was great.  Compelling, grim and chilling.  Fascinating story well told, another good varied choice.  A very interesting film full of conflicting interest.  Gripping film full of menace, even more so as based on truth.  Gripping story.  Well-managed tension.  An interesting depiction of a truly evil man, illustrating how skillfully he could manipulate his subjects – but not everyone: nicely filmed.  Most enjoyable chilling film – to think that Mengele was able to continue his experiments is almost unbelievable.  Thought provoking /disturbing: amazing scenery captured within the film – real contrast to the content!   Haunting.  The parallel between perfecting the design of the dolls and the experiments on the daughter and the newborn twins was unnerving: well acted by all: the only irks were the rock music at the end (it just seemed out of place from both the setting of the film and the previous music) and the terrible CGI plane!

'A’s: It really shook me. Compelling. Gripping – amazing insight into how outsiders are accepted. Brilliantly atmospheric - performances skillfully understated. Very good indeed. Very good but grim.  Really enjoyable to see such a film - a real tension.  Excellent - well acted, great scenery but terrifying.  Subtly chilling.  Just excellent – thank you.  Great pace, scenery and very interesting story. Menacing and brilliant.  Very dark, told incredibly well, excellent film.  Superb film – very difficult subject brilliantly covered.  Tense, gripping and fascinating.  Brilliant film- great story tautly told: a real sense of menace but also fear in the Germans – some small inconsistencies (snowy one minute, gone the next).  Powerful, captivating, different, thought-provoking, new perspective on old knowledge: beautiful setting and filming: music used brilliantly as well as silences – excellent.  A harrowing subject well filmed.  A menacing atmosphere maintained throughout.  Very good plot relatively easy to follow: acting, photography and sound effects excellent.  Very, very good – terrifying uncompromising and an extremely courageous film.  Kept your attention the whole time – well acted.  Beautifully crafted – captivating from start to finish.  Very atmospheric with a sinister air building throughout – a story well told.  Compelling, unsettling – everything a film should be even when you think you know what it will be like – my first “A” of the season especially knowing the difficult circumstances in which it was filmed.  A sinister film with the long shadows of WW2 reaching into the present – wonderful pictures of Argentina/Patagonia.  All the cinematographic skill, art and insight in one film – to record the story almost beyond belief of a monster hidden and succoured by a compliant government and local population – a triumph.  Fantastic representation of Mengele’s character and his obsession with a perfect human race: we see perfectly his need for a very specific human (represented by the “perfect” dolls and the perfect girl: we see the setting of the film and the doctor’s patience slowly change through the film, shown by the saturation of the scenes (getting less and less saturated) and the music getting more and more chaotic.  A very melancholy film where the intensity of the situations was measured by the weather – originally I was worried that the film was too upbeat, considering recent events, but that changed as the film went on.  More South American cinema please!  Despite the rather obvious sub-plot of the manufacture of the dolls as a metaphor for breeding a ‘perfect’ race the film was a very engaging, disturbing and original take on the subject, and showed the Argentinian landscape in a completely new light.