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Members' ratings and comments for The Lobster shown on 24th February 2016


Members’ rating: 51.3% A-7, B-13, C-16, D-10, E-14.  60 votes from 100 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
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'A’s: That really appealed to me macabre sense of humour – hilarious! Terrific and riveting – wonderful change of tone from very funny to horrific – more like this please! Certainly makes you think about your own life and relationships: excellent film indeed.  Hilarious – thoroughly enjoyed Olivia Colman’s performance.  Very, very funny symbolic film of the single life – I do rather like one of the chaps that comes to the film club but I’ve been smiling at him for 6 months and nothing!

‘B’s:  Weird and wonderful.  A brave attempt to portray the horror of a truly dystopian society – which was worse, single or coupledom?  Was the self-blinding meant to demonstrate true love?  Weirdly convincing almost robotic acting nearly in slow motion – did their fear make them behave so unnaturally? also I think the setting of the film would have been more appropriate if it had been less idyllic.  Basic concept very good but finally lost its way.  Compares to no other film – woodland scenes resemble a Christmas Carol/Tim Rice?  Loved the narrated storyline throughout the film.   Great start but became rather slow: very clever.  Interesting concept, but the director lost confidence at the end.  The craziest film I’ve ever seen – what is interesting is what made the “stars” of the film want to be in it when they read it!  Kept my attention but his partner was very wooden.  Bizarre but seductively watchable.  Great first half, but meandered and lost its pace towards the end – some very funny moments.  Some very eccentric ideas.  Enjoyed it, but rather long – why didn’t they escape?  Loved the camel, flamingo etc.  Funny, disturbing, compelling, confusing.  Very good acting and location filming – an interesting film!!!

‘C’s: Stunned.  Very strange, very unique and very funny at times.  I enjoyed the absurdity and deadpan acting – excellent dramatic music and beautiful setting.  Well that was different!  Weirdly imaginative dystopia but maybe overlong.  A surreal quirky and brave choice of film which strangely grew on me as the plot developed.  Bonkers!!  Never seen anything like it.  Thought-provoking, weird and slightly chilling.  Very strange and disturbing – a nightmare but ultimately pointless.  Strangely compelling but couldn’t make sense of most of it.  Bizarre – how does someone come up with a story like this?  A very black comedy.  Very, very strange, very absorbing but what an ending!  Well filmed but storyline not so good – Clockwork Orange was a much better dystopian surrealism.  Well acted, solid cinematography but too many loose linkages and unanswered questions: a film of 2 halves which lost coherence in the forest!  Firmly in surrealist tradition – shock, horror, weirdness.  Enjoyed the location but not much else.

‘D’s: Why didn’t I stab myself in the eyes earlier?  Pointless.  First half funny/macabre after that I can only ask WHY any of them (or us) bothered to carry on.  So much effort – what for?  Beautiful scenery the only pleasure – words fail me almost.  Dysfunctional relationships beyond your worst nightmares!  Scenes unconnected: poor storytelling.  What an unpleasant film – a few funny light moments but otherwise the work of a disturbed teenager.  Well made cinematographically and there were some subtle moments at the beginning which were very funny and some clever: i.e. the man being asked to shoot his wife when there was no bullet, but I felt the point was made early and it just seemed to be pretentious bombardment of events to try to be controversial/offend – not often I say this, but I was glad to get out.  What the hell was all that about?  I wish I’d stayed home and watched the Brits.  Yorgos Lanthimos was no doubt very pleased with himself and enjoyed this farcical ego trip – a few clever bits but the total package was second rate, unconvincing, did not hang together and, perhaps worse, was boring.  Winners of the Palme d’Or probably best avoided in future!

‘E’s: Unfathomable.  Daft.  I cannot remember the last time I was so angry with myself for wasting 2 hours watching this nasty violent film – since when has kicking a dog to death and blinding a woman been a barrel of laughs?  I am sorry, but after 60 years of film watching this must be the worst film ever for me – I score it ‘E’ but if possible I would give it a ‘Z’.  Enjoyed most of the films but this was dreadful on every level.  What a pointless film.  Bizarre, uncomfortable, hysterical.  Horrid film without any point – I didn’t see any social comment, only awfulness.  Not my wavelength.  Dreadful.  What a depressingly horrid film!!  Good acting but not easy to watch: some very good photography.  Leads you to question the value of logic – the dog was great.  Baffling – there are no comments.