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Members' ratings and comments for Taxi Tehran shown on 6th January 2016

Members’ rating: 74.7% A-28, B-37, C-19, D-5, E-0.  89 votes from 133 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
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‘A’s: I’m glad I saw this: the director appeared compassionate and eager to show the “unscreenable reality”. A beautiful film, thank you: The wonderful range of characters shows that underneath the shell of a vastly different culture lie people, wonderfully ordinary people. Such a clever and wise film: sharp and witty depiction of his situation: simple but clever. I really appreciate the talks at the beginning – thank you:  Charming quirky film, totally absorbing with thought-provoking subjects.  Excellent underground film-making at its best: loved all the individual scenarios.  Brilliant – what more can you say? Inspired. Surprisingly excellent! A real eye-opener into Iranian culture. Fascinating – cleverly filmed with amazing sound all things considered and so interesting! Original and fascinating: Unique and incredible view of the city – difficult to believe it was not scripted! A treat. Lovely idea – the tricks people have to resort to to defeat a nasty regime. Brilliantly compiled. Fascinating window into Tehran. An excellent piece of film-making: insightful and informative without it seeming forced or contrived.  Fascinating slice of real life – very interesting and moving – totally different. Most refreshing. Hugely enjoyable film – can’t begin to articulate why or how it works but it does. Mesmerising to watch as though shot in one continuous ‘take’. The merging of fact and fiction was very interesting. Fantastic way to get a political point across.  A brave attempt by not only the director but all the participants to prove that censorship inevitably has the opposite effect to that intended. A very courageous and creative effort by the director and those involved to show the world what living under an oppressive regime is like: terrific in view of the difficulties the director has had to overcome just to make it and get it distributed: there is humour, sometimes hilarious, interwoven with sharp social comment on the people's lack of freedom and their vain attempts to comfort themselves with ridiculous superstition (like the moving of thegoldfish): I thought it was a bit too long, since it was made up solely of dialogue, with minimal action: however, I'm still pondering the issues raised.
‘B’s:  Amazing what can be done with 3 small cameras and a lot of guts! In the words of Jafir Panahi “Any movie is worth viewing”: An intriguing insight into Tehran, its people and everyday life: Would like more. Riveting to watch. A fine film made in difficult circumstances with great truth and humanity. Very natural: Mr Panahi had a nice contented smile on his way all through the movie. Clever, clever, clever – quirky but packed to the brim with censorship grenades and missiles – fantastic choice. Raw film-making – truth screams through stunningly without effects or credits – a lovely, touching film. Interesting insight into a city we don’t know much about – could imagine format would work in different cities around the world. Fascinating – unlike any other film – random at times, witty at others – like peering into someone’s life.  Refreshing: simple but effective.  A very subtle way of showing the problems in modern Iran and the cinematography was of surprisingly high quality.  Could have picked up more passengers. I felt confused as I couldn’t work out what was ‘set up’ and what were naturally occurring incidents. Wow! A snapshot of life in Iran - how many films can claim to do that?  I just hope the injured man was a very good actor!  Thought-provoking. Very enlightening film – exploring a part of the world that I have never before seen captured on film: Great soundtrack – like an Iranian episode of Marion and Geoff. 82 minutes passed very quickly – eye-opener – captivating. A bit slow but original – little madam! The best thing was seeing modern Tehran. Original idea but I felt some of the scenes were contrived.  Again you realize how lucky we are to live in a democracy! Warm, witty, perceptive and thought-provoking, seemingly a light work but in the end one leaves impressed by Panahi’s courage and defiance. I’d like to visit Tehran now! I liked the little girl and her banana split! Good entertainment. Underground film-making at its best. Very gentle considering the brutal situation. Fair in terms of entertainment but insightful so ‘B’ in cultural terms – horrible pitch of girl’s voice made my ears hurt! A useful insight into life in the city for ordinary folk. Showed an interesting insider’s view of life in Iran – great documentary style – not sure who was acting! I enjoyed it – lots of interesting mini-stories and engaging characters – end came abruptly.
‘C’s: Interesting concept but lacked substance. Different – kept my interest until the end. I found myself excusing it in the “difficult circumstances” rather than judging it dispassionately, so I must have found it unsatisfying? Good insight into another way of life.  Interesting and thought-provoking – East meets West.  Intriguing – humorous but unsatisfying.  A bit staged, but interesting. The closest I’ll get to Tehran – mildly amusing. Interesting idea – found it rather staged at times. Interesting and unusual – made you think about the political situation in Iran. Entertaining – passed very quickly. A bit staged, but interesting: strangely unsatisfying.  Enjoyable but quite hard to stay engaged with – PS I really enjoy the introductions, they are a big part of the experience for me and enhance the enjoyment.
‘D’s: Rather long – in fact very long. So far removed from our UK culture I found it hard to get enthused – sorry! Interesting insight into life I Iran – unsure about the ending. Would have been better if the niece didn’t feature so much. An interesting idea – started well with some good characters – the little girl was annoying and the ending poor.
‘E’s: None recorded.