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Members' ratings and comments for Slow West shown on 27th April 2016


Members’ rating: 71.4% A-15, B-23, C-11, D-6, E-0.  55 votes from 107 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
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'D's: Slow! Did anyone ever survive in the West?  “Slow” was the operative word – bring back John Wayne rather than this lot.  Cheerful!  Really not sure – competent western but not saying anything new.  Very slow and not so West.

‘C’s: Bit slow, but interesting use of the elements.  I’m not a big fan of westerns and this didn’t change my mind – OK interesting back story but all the carnage spoiled it and the slow pace: great filming though.  A little far fetched.  Changes in tone were disconcerting but a good “first effort”.  Lost plot halfway through – surprise ending.  Beautifully filmed, but maybe a little ponderous.  Please ask the introducer to keep it short – I think he likes the sound of his own voice!  Loved the start and the music but then only the music seemed to hold it together: somehow very bland and the Coen-esque moments best left to the Coen brothers themselves.

‘B’s:  I loved the whole thing – acting, story, scenery – I was sad when it ended.  Great scenery and good mixture of human emotions: a good style western.  Impressive director’s debut but the scenery was definitely New Zealand.  I enjoyed the relationships between the characters, the banter with Jay and the cowboy and Jay’s devotion to Rose – I wasn’t expecting that ending.  Really enjoyable and humourous – loved the pace.  A script full of genuine surprises – almost Coen-esque!  Beautifully shot immoral tale – loved it.  Really enjoyed it – the description is in the name: fantastically shot.  Great to see the western back – very enjoyable: Fassbender fantastic.  Predictable at start, kept your attention and then the story became a little confusing: surprising ending really brought the film together: good photography of NZ.  Captivating – storyline compelling- totally absorbed – amazing scenery!  Great film.  Well made film, beautiful scenery, unusual storyline, brutal – how did they all find Rose?   Very entertaining film – really enjoyed the characters, cinematography and music. great scenery – a western with a difference.  Absorbing despite there being not much of a story – beautifully shot – glad I didn’t live there and then!  Now I know it was the Director’s full-length debut I find it very impressive – a sort of impressionistic take on the Wild West – not realistic but somehow convincing.  What a debut!  Captured the essence of westerns superbly – very atmospheric and convincing, despite some continuity problems.

'A’s: Gripping - acting excellent.  Quirky!  Lyrical, brutal exciting, poignant and I didn’t see the ending coming!  Great music and acting – very Coen brothers!   At least some survived!  Wonderful and unusual.  Good body count!  Excellent story, but why were they wanted?  Amazing cinematography and soundtrack with a strong script to match.  Very good story and a very original take on both the genre and the New Zealand landscape.  Violently impressive!  The best western for a long time.  Jay’s naive journey west reflected the positive hope of the settler – his encounters with the raw frontiersmen were a triumph – more westerns please.  Great western – well directed and acted.  Well done people, you chose well.