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Members' ratings and comments for Human Capital shown on 10th February 2016

Members’ rating: 82.9% A-39, B-26, C-7, D-4, E-0.  76 votes from 100 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
[We have sequenced the comments by the rating given]

'A’s: Miles better than ‘The Great Beauty’ - a story I could understand! A great story: well acted and camera work also first class: a great choice. Fantastic story: best film so far this season. Enjoyable, ultimately true indictment of society and its ethics. Another good choice: good story, lovely music – thank you. Enjoyed the different viewpoint from each key character – makes you think how shrewd some people can be when it comes to money. Caught my attention from start to finish.  What a great film! thank you. That makes up for the last two films! Outstanding picture – great choice. A good plot, very good acting and lovely shots of a wintry landscape: I enjoyed this film. Gripping, believable characters that I could feel sympathy for – the format worked. Best film so far this season – excellent flashbacks added to the tension.  I liked the story told through the different characters: I thought it was a clever film and told in a very balanced way although ultimately depressing with regard to human nature. An atmospheric film reflecting society and its moral dilemmas. Sadly the real human condition! – we’ll never change. Really enjoyed this film – best one so far this year: loved the different stories. Not the first time a film shot from different viewpoints [probably the best known classic example of the approach is Kurosawa’s ‘Rashomon’] but a great film nonetheless. Well plotted but one could not have sympathy with any of the characters. Totally gripping and hard-hitting: Thank you. Very fast-moving. Chilling! Absolutely gripping – wondered about the title – the film defined it beautifully – happy ending! Fantastic: best this season: terse, well told and crafted: great characterization and filming – more like this please! Kept me gripped throughout: really enjoyed how the whole picture unfolded – good choice. Loved every aspect of the film. Beautiful: best film of the season. Very good – subtitles too quick and short. Gripping and intense. The best film yet. I appreciated the film very much, reflecting how life is in that part of Italy, Brianza: a very dramatic film, beautifully done. Gripping start to finish.

‘B’s:  Very good pace: characters instantly detestable or likeable: story intriguing and twists believable: I really enjoyed it. Would be excellent but too much bad language. I liked the narrative style: good performances and great tension. Quiet, thoughtful film-making: will linger in the memory. Well told, liked the method of using 4 chapters – unsurprising outcome. Gripping story but very enjoyable. Brilliant title – interesting very well made film – loved Carla. Great story well told using the different viewpoints to set the twists and turns in the plot. Interesting idea seeing the story again from a different perspective. Another “I wouldn’t have seen the film – not my type” but it was great, well told and acted. She had great shoes! Not the first film to be shot from different perspectives, but they were very cleverly entwined and produced the right ending. Good story, though maybe a bit “too neat” as ending left nothing to ponder or question – I liked the repeated scenes from different characters’ viewpoints. It held my attention and had a good conclusion. Oh! it made me cry! What a film! Glad I came. Interesting. A fascinating look at the work of high finance and its manipulations – absorbing to the end: the nicest people came through in the end.

‘C’s: Slow at first – took a while to get into film/story line but as it progressed it became more interesting and enjoyable. Not a great film but compelling – politics lightly done! Human capital seems sadly lacking in Italy.

‘D’s: Interesting up to the discovery of the email, then ridiculous. A bit long – bored halfway through. Slickly entertaining, but not sure that the story merited so many flashbacks revisiting scenes: the link between the two threads didn’t really hang together – hardly a great critique of capitalism.

‘E’s: None received.