Girlhood comments

Members' ratings and comments for Girlhood (Bande de Filles) shown on 19th May 2016


Members’ rating: 74.4% A-13, B-19, C-6, D-3, E-1.  42 votes from 80 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
[edited at one point to avoid offence]

‘A’ (excellent) – Absolutely brilliant: tragic, funny, well acted and directed: my heart was in my mouth at the knife scene!  Terrific end to the season.  Compelling, tense, clever.  Absorbing and unpredictable story expertly told: a fascinating look at the part of French life their society does not like to acknowledge.  Reminded me of “The Wire” which must be good, only with more female characters.  Terrific film – very original and not afraid to look at the harsher side of life for those without privilege.  Thank you for ending our first season as members on a high: beautifully shot.  Started off great and then got progressively confusing.  A very brave and powerful film – the story (sensitive in France) non-professional players, film technique and soundtrack all excellent.  A heart-rending portrayal of life in the banlieue.  Shows the effects of taking away hopes and dreams: I wonder if any 'real' actors would have been able to accurately portray the essence of it at all, fantastic acting.

‘B’ (very good) – A very difficult subject well portrayed.  Crackled with in-your-face attitude.  Good study – but could have been more tightly edited.  Very strong impression of the difficult lives of young girls – odds against them impossibly high – a frightening underworld.  A good film – a bit slow at times but I like happy endings - there is too much bad reality on the news.  Very engaging and warm coming of age film – perhaps a slightly sanitised version of reality.  Girlhood is nothing like boyhood: boyhood is nothing like girlhood.  Superbly directed and shot: dirty, grimy and despairing – I loved it: the ‘Shine bright like a Diamond’ scene was the best since “Whiplash”.  A great end to the season.  Well shot, but a little drawn out – could have ended on the first ‘timeout’ session.  Such a sad plot and a true reflection of the state of society today.  Great acting and soundtrack – what a depressing lifestyle!  Brave, life-affirming, superbly portrayed – very realistic.  I really got into it – though it did seem long – the friendship bit was really good.  Rare case of exhilarating soundtrack matching content: thought I was going to hate the film but it had an intimacy defying the bleakness of the ’projects’.  Brilliant end to the season!  Unexpectedly compelling – a very good choice.
Re: 2015/2016 – another brilliant and varied season – all for the price of one night at a West End theatre! Thanks!

‘C’ (good) – Different, but a bit slow – I didn’t miss the talk of men on the screen!  Difficult choices led to a good film.  Sagged in the middle but a strong start and finish.  Well directed and acted, music score difficult to watch at times but a good watch.

‘D’ (fair) – 30 minutes too long – a film that lost its way and sadly became dull.  Kept our attention, perhaps that’s because you have to read the subtitles: wasn’t particularly French though, could have been London or any city: felt sorry for them all – ending was rather vague – did she start a new life?

‘E’ (poor) – Depressing and grim end to the season – I didn’t like any of the people – they had no redeeming characteristics – a film about bullies – not my thing.