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Members' ratings and comments for Force Majeure shown on 27th January 2016

Members’ rating: 63.1% A-17, B-20, C-31, D-9, E-3.  80 votes from 137 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
[We have again sequenced the comments by the rating given]

'E’s: Weird/boring etc. That was like watching paint dry. Better they stick to Scandinavian Noir!

‘D’s:  Interesting – funny in parts. Much ado about nothing: unbelievable, questions, no answers: no cohesion, pointless.  A very tough watch: I couldn’t care about the characters: none of them were particularly pleasant: sorry!  Over long.  Slow getting to the point, then lost the plot.  Just didn’t work for me – maybe you need to be Swedish.  Challenging but didn’t like it.  Beautiful cinematography capturing spectacular scenery and the memorable sights and sounds of the piste: shame the plot centred round an argument!

‘C’s: Great scenery – interesting story line – some scenes maybe a little too long. A bit ponderous but got to the point eventually.  Sometimes we read things into other’s actions or omissions that just aren’t true.  Too long-winded.  It definitely was not a comedy!  Better than the last film.  Raw emotions, set to beautiful scenery.  Overlong but quite profound.  Tense with black humour.  Too long – but intriguing - a film of two halves?  What’s with the ending?  Well crafted but not enough content for two hours.  Liked the music and interesting picture angles and the dry Swedish humour, but somehow it was rather heavy and the days long, so one was pleased when it finally ended.  The last 20 minutes were really good.  Clever film: not funny enough: if it had been on TV I would probably have turned it off.  A bit slow: unnerving camera work which has totally put me off a skiing holiday.  Dark and slow: just the film for the evening before we go skiing for a long weekend!  A good example of stress in marriage but could have been more tightly edited.  Good story line but very self-indulgent: married people all behave like this sometimes but not with such melodrama:  stupid end.  In need of serious editing: interesting psychological and emotional study.  The emotions felt so real at times that it made uncomfortable viewing.  Beautiful scenery: story started off so gripping but lost its way towards the end.  Interesting concept: very cinematic: scenery amazing but too much Vivaldi!  Painfully slow with long philosophical conversations but Tomas and Ebba came good in the end.  Held my interest but I didn’t really like anyone and didn’t care what happened to them: beautiful to look at.  Unfortunately I couldn’t cope with the stupid people and started to find it annoying from the second half to the last act – where were the mobile phones with GPS for another bus?  What a holiday!  Did the film need to be such a drawn out emotional rollercoaster especially for the children?  Happy ending.  The fog wasn’t just in the Alps – I’m still trying to decide if it was a happy ending after so much Scandi angst.

‘B’s: Bit slow in places but really enjoyed it.  Did they learn to communicate?  Interesting subject: absorbing, thought provoking and funny Noir in the old fashioned psycho thriller way: tension built by great, detached photography and evocative music: more like this please!  Interesting and amusing with I think quite a moral tale.  Superb film marred only by the slightly corny bit towards the end: reminds me why I hate skiing.  An interesting observation on how people react to a situation and on the differences between men and women!  I enjoyed it a lot.  Increasingly funny and uncomfortable – thought provoking.  Dramatic unravelling of their relationship: good final test of relationship and an upbeat ending!  I never did like skiing.  So that’s what skiing holidays are like!  Uncomfortable viewing: fantastic filming, especially the machinery which was threatening.  Speechless!  Beautiful film.  Funny, tense: humour so black it could be mistaken for a trilby: very funny in places, very dark in others.  Unusual subject: kept your attention: you don’t often get the showing of the thin dividing line between heroism and cowardice.  I really do appreciate the introduction to the film.

‘A’s: Excellent portrayal of the pettiness and stubbornness of human nature and very atmospheric/bleak scenes of skiing: the hotel was like a prison!  Wonderful atmospheric film.  Not a good holiday!  Wonderful acting, splendid views of the mountains: I think Ebba was a little neurotic and the poor children had to suffer – will this partnership survive?  Fantastic scenery – spoilt holiday by bickering.  Beautifully observed.  Great photography and sound.  Superbly realistic and very disturbing.  Well directed and acted: very intense and thoughtful.   A joy to watch, especially the dialogue between the couples: so funny to watch but many lines have that bizarre difference between men and women and they cannot see it.  Yesterday I was skiing in the Alps and today I’ve seen this impressive film on the frailties of man: an excellent ending: thank you.  A lot of everything – anyone for a skiing holiday?  Really enjoyed it – very funny at times but also very moving – didn’t understand the ending!  Bringing back classic naturalistic Scandinavian drama.  Visually beautiful – naturalism eat your heart out!  Perfect balance of dark and light – fantastic use of sound and editing.   Really good choice: drama: good ending – I would like a cigarette too!