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Members' ratings and comments for Blade Runner shown on 11th May 2016


Members’ rating: 68.0% A-18, B-10, C-12, D-7, E-3.  50 votes from 93 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
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‘A’ (excellent) – I had forgotten how good it was, saw it when it came out – magnificent!  Glad the ending was upbeat/ambiguous!  Waited a long time to see this on the big screen – ‘new’ ending didn’t disappoint - look forward to the sequel!  A visual feast and stunning music.  Great rework.  Excellent - thanks.  A classic – my all time favourite  - spotted a couple of extra very small scenes new in this cut – good to see it on the big screen again.  Worth seeing again though not sure if much different from the original – very gothic in atmosphere.  Very good – first time seeing Blade Runner – cried at the end.  Superb – atmospheric/slick/not dated at all: music by Vangelis contributed to the atmosphere.  Tense – loved the 1980s hair and make up.  Extraordinary – I suggested this film 2 or perhaps 3 years ago and it was well worth the wait!  Great visual effects, sound and the whole storyline from someone who hadn’t seen the film before – glad I have now.  Wouldn’t have been my choice but … was definitely good – I actually loved it, but don’t tell anyone.  I m not a ‘sci-fi fan’ but this is way more than that – a flawless film and glad to have had the chance to see it on the big screen.  It must have been my nth viewing of this brilliant film but I’m not sure how often I remembered to breathe – from the opening shots of that cityscape overlaid with that poignant music… Life after Brexit?  Still an amazing film – fantastic atmospherics though less storyline than I remembered – so much better on the big screen.  I remember being introduced to this film when I was a small child and I immediately fell in love with it: I love the mixture of architecture, the themes of life and death, the reference to an off-world colony but never seen, the constant intrusion of light and, of course, the special effects and excellent music: the remastering process has resulted in outstanding picture quality...enough to make me want to order this new version on Blu-Ray!

‘B’ (very good) – Quite extraordinary.  A film to be watched on the big screen!  Loved the soundtrack - great film.  We really enjoy the intros to the films – the info you give in addition to the film is why we enjoy being members!  Slow – though the pace was in the style of the 80s – but brilliant nonetheless!  Still a classic – loved the 1980s TV screens and the Vangelis music.  We still have dystopia but it’s different now.  Most atmospheric – Rutger Hauer definitely the best “baddie”.  Never saw the original!  Vangelis music brilliant and the film could have been a new release – thoroughly enjoyed it.  A bit confusing at points but very engaging and immersive.  A true classic – timeless, great direction and musical score – a true delight to watch.

‘C’ (good) – I was 20 when I last saw this!  I found the film very pedestrian but l loved the music score, shoulder pads and hairstyles!  Could have done with a bit more light.  Very much a film of its time – the view of the future was dark – glad it isn’t so nightmarish after all – funny how the exteriors were so much changed but not the interiors.  The thing they got very right was that today we are indeed wondering about the robots and their “humanity” – they didn’t get the answer here either.  Good shots, right music – OK film.  Full marks for atmosphere and style – but a more coherent plot would be appreciated.  If nothing adds up, does that make it into a great science fiction film?  Too much filmed in the dark and a muddy soundtrack.  Sci-fi not my bag.  Not my kind of film – and far too much violence.  Enthralling but violent.  Missed first time round – I’m glad to say…

‘D’ (fair) – Not my cup of tea.  I know, if I didn’t before, why I don’t play ‘these’ computer games.  Never seen a film with so little dialogue – got fed up with the dimness: (D because of the special effects).  Confusing – not sure I understood it all.  A film that has perhaps sadly seen better days.  Despite being a classic, not my kind of film – also did not appreciate the gentleman who decided to file his nails towards the end of the film – perhaps the plot was too nail-biting for him?  The soundtrack was great, adding to the atmosphere – not my sort of film though.  I’m sure this was a good film – but I didn’t enjoy it.

‘E’ (poor) – Chaotic, noisy, violent – horrendous.  Supremely unenthralling.