45 Years comments

Members' ratings and comments for 45 Years shown on 7th October 2015

Members’ rating: 73.9% A-28, B-24, C-9, D-9, E-2.  72 votes from 116 members who signed in
Members’ comments:
[As a trial, we have sequenced the comments by the rating given]

‘A’s: A masterpiece.  Splendid British film, wonderful scenery and delightfully eccentric.  Very thought-provoking – about paths chosen in life, ageing.  What a performance from CR – not in her dialogue but in her face – so many emotions there.  So beautifully understated.  Life as it is – could have been any of us – it still can be.  A little slow at times.  A moving interpretation of a long stable marriage, even with the secrets of long ago.  A delightfully gentle film beautifully interpreted.  True depth to the characters: I liked how the camera lingered on Rampling’s face, showing every nuance of expression.  Exquisite acting and filming.  Brilliantly acted and directed but not sure about the obsession with your partner’s life before you met.  Such a pleasure to watch two superb actors at their best (Many other members – around 20 others throughout the ratings - commented that the two principal actors’ performances were outstanding).  There are some films one thinks immediately are excellent, but then can't remember the following day - this film was a slow burner would have given a B,  but 45 hours later is still occupying my thoughts with the subtleties so an A.

‘B’s: A perfect chamber piece.  Slow and deliberate with excellent expressive acting.  Plot a bit predictable and indulgent!  A bit long-winded.  Good, the cinema world will see this as very English.  A little slow.  A small cinematic vehicle carried a lot of baggage, conveying anger, love and loss very compellingly.  An interesting simple story of 2 lives over the years.  A touching story of reflection in old age Fantastic ending!  Only complaint is that it was a bit slow at times.  I was stunned by the profound echoes it had for me.  Very sensitively written and directed – not really a “woman’s film”.  Bleak and wintry – the slow delivery gave a very realistic sense of ageing.  A masterpiece of innuendo with so many loose ends.  A study of long term relationships and a commentary on whether you know, or should know, everything about another person.  Very enjoyable – no shot was wasted – beautiful settings.  Perfect pace and atmosphere but I found the story unbelievable –I didn’t believe she would fall apart like that.  Great not to have any bad language – very good story line.  I loved watching them acting and loved the slowness.  Non-violent, good story line with what appeared to be a happy ending.

‘C’s: Slow, tedious, predictable : would make a good short story.  Superb acting in an over-indulgent piece: perhaps better as a 60 minute TV drama.  Acting was super but unfortunately I found it rather too slow.  A good reflection of how those sliding doors moments determine our lives – Max was the star.  Rather slow but very enjoyable.  I may have enjoyed it more if I was 20 years older!

‘D’s: Interesting to see husband and wife dynamic and the perspective of an older childless woman – very rarely depicted on film : but also slow.  A bit  predictable.  CR excellent – too slow however – not great.  Turgid. A dull couple - I didn’t much mind what happened to them.  I wouldn’t have agreed to “Smoke gets in your Eyes” – stiff upper lip I suppose – but Charlotte was great!  Rather predictable – should have stuck with the 12 pages and Sunday night TV.  Oh dear! What a long, dreary, depressing week: made worse – the tiles in their kitchen the same as mine – maybe they live happily ever after?

‘E’s: I was expecting something really good, but it felt like watching 45 years go by!  Slow and disappointing.